About Me


Hello! I am Lucy.

My belief is that we have the power to improve the world as we care for ourselves and our families.

My early life was difficult. Many of my past traumas and experiences clouded my life and kept me from truly enjoying my adulthood.

With motherhood, I was motivated to establish a peaceful home for my family.  I quickly realized that my healing would play an integral role in my family wellness. As only motherhood could show me, I recognized my role as the family healer.

A few years into motherhood, I stumbled on to yoga after a running-related injury. Very quickly I found a sense of peace and Knowing. This was going to change my life, I had to know more.

Since those first physical poses 15 years ago, I have been studying yogic philosophy and have established a meditation practice. Practicing yoga/mindfulness has helped me find peace and joy in my everyday. It has helped me be a better version of myself which benefits all aspects of my life.

I have gone on to become a doula, a yoga instructor, and advocate for family health.  My passion is sharing the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gathered so that maybe I can help someone else improve their wellness.

Every day in every way I am becoming healthier and healthier.