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The Household Healer

“Our children are our garden. They absorb our stress, just as they absorb our peace. They absorb our negativity, just as they absorb our joy. We have the power to control what they absorb, but first, we must tend to ourselves.”⁠⠀
—Rachel Macy Stafford

My blogging has taken the back burner. The climate of the world has been tough for me to address in writing so I have been educating myself and truly examining and strengthening my core.

I just want to share a little bit about my parenting philosophy and why I share the things I share. In our home, we lean away from mainstream thought when it comes to healing and I value my role in our family as our healer. So, we do lots of things like essential oils, tinctures, foods, supplements, lotions, and potions, and emotional wellness.

A family touchpoint for wellness is to make sure we are tending to our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. This keeps us strong as we are faced with challenges, triumphs. We have to adjust, adapt, and acclimatize as life comes at us.

My most important work as a mother is to stay emotionally strong and balanced. Yes, I have weak moments and yes, I make mistakes. So I try really damn hard to own it and make a change as quickly as possible so that I am one of the peaceful leaders of our pack.

On the broader scale, I have really internalized how important family wellness is for all of humanity. For a while, I felt helpless, and like our society is crumbling (and it may be) but what can I control? I can control myself (thoughts) and what I allow to infiltrate my kids. I think the healing of the world begins at home and I am ready to take those steps every day.