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Third Trimester: Woes and Remedies

I am now a week into the third trimester. I can feel my body starting to slow down. My mental clarity and creativity are downshifting. Daily I have more aches and pains, and general discomforts. I am trying to work *with* my body. The show must go on in our family and in work. I […]

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women's health

B Vitamins for a Healthy Mama

As soon as women enter childbearing age, we hear about the importance of folic acid. Folic acid is vitamin B9 and is extremely important to the development of a fetus. Although folic acid is important, there are a whole plethora of b-vitamins and adequate amounts account for many of our metabolic processes. There is more […]

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diet | recipes

Simplifying Dietary Changes

The Struggle is Real The holidays are over and I am still having trouble getting back on track with my diet. These are the thoughts that have been floating around in my mind: Carbs taste good, I’m pregnant, just one more day, it’s just “social” eating, one more treat, I’m tired of cooking, cleaning, planning, […]

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breastfeeding | weaning

Toddler Weaning

Current Mission: Weaning Ezra from Breastfeeding This is one of the most difficult things I have done. I let Keenan self-wean, at over 3 years old. Ezra is now 21 months and since we are expecting #3, my mission is to wean him from nursing by Christmas. I physically and mentally need a break before […]

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