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Integrating the Mama

The broken, fragment, little girl piece of myself caused me to seek out codependent relationships and friendships. Being in this type of relationship was all I knew, and what I felt was “normal”. Somewhere along my path, at age 35, I “got it”. I woke up, realized where I was at, what I had been choosing, and how my physical and mental health was affected by these types of relationships and choices.

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Maintaining a Healthy Body Image During Pregnancy

Body image is something I struggle with during pregnancy. Especially during the first and third trimesters. I am in the stage right now where I definitely look like I’ve packed on a few. However, not quite a baby. You know the stage where maternity clothes aren’t quite right but regular jeans are not comfortable? This […]

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Backwards With Time

  The Avett Brothers are one of my favorite bands. The lyrics and title of the song Backwards With Time have been floating through my head most of the day. Backwards With Time. Am I losing my mind, or am I going backwards with time?¬†¬†This verse is what I want to focus on for a […]

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My husband and I just returned from our annual Young Living International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. The theme this year was “Freedom” and a word I have held closely to my heart for about 5 years. The word freedom has had many meanings for me over the years, each time triggering something […]

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