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Maybe the Best Present is to Be Present?

We have been home from our family vacation/pilgrimage to Maine for about 2 weeks. I was essentially unplugged for the duration of the trip. Travel and family vacations are such a romantic idea. Seeing the world, eating wonderful food, making memories. I wish I could approach travel with that ideal. Although I make memories and […]

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Growing Pains

Today, I am sitting down to write. I have looked at this screen and have not known where to go with my posting. I jot down words and half sentences nearly every day, however knowing where to go with those notes is often perplexing. Today I am writing on what it means for me to […]

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Inner Strength

One week ago today, I attended my first birth as a doula. ┬áThe experience was nothing short of amazing and a beautiful reminder of how humans can find strength when situations are tough. The word doula is derived from the Greek language and means “a woman who serves”. A doula’s role for a pregnant mama […]

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