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New Year, New Focus

Let’s call 2020 the year of clarity. I think everything I have been doing over the past few months has brought me to this point. Yesterday was the day of decision, today is the first day of action.

Postpartum is tough for me. This time it has been “easy” mentally but physically I am having a tougher time bouncing back. I have been sedentary, and exhausted (remember my last post?) and our dietary habits and physical activity habits have gone to the crapper. I have known this and keep saying I’ll get there, etc. but time goes to my work and kids 99.9% of time time.

Yesterday, I ran into my OB who hasn’t seen me since my 6-week appointment, I realized I am exactly the same size and physical condition I was then and it’s 7 months later, and I saw a photo of myself that jerked me awake. I have reached my point of knowing I not making good choices and the habits are hurting me. My confidence is low, my energy levels aren’t optimal, and aches and pains are occurring more often than they should.

I blog these things to keep myself on track. I feel if I’m not transparent and showing my own struggles and changes how can I help others who read this blog and are looking for answers or inspiration. You, the reader, are my accountability partner. I will keep you updated on progress and habit changes over the course of this year– along with whatever goes on in my family that could be useful for others.

So– 2020 brings me back to a grain-free, sugar-free, traditional diet existence, with 30 minutes of exercise daily, and more blogging (it’s good for my health). I am adding in a couple of new gut-health supplements and a fat-burning, energy increasing natural supplement. Everything I am doing is breastfeeding friendly, so Mira is all good.

The other pressing things in my home life is that Gus is now working more out of the house so I am with all 3 kids alone, so my strategies and time management skills are going to have to be strict, Keenan has now started virtual school from home, and I am adding a new piece to my business puzzle. It is all fun and exciting and I’m ready for my soon to be 40th year of life. Crazy stuff!