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The Final Countdown: The Last Month of Pregnancy

0613D5A8-614A-4312-86CC-C94BC12556FC Wowza! Only 20 days until the scheduled birth of our baby girl. I have neglected this blog as I focus on my business in these final days. I feel ready to go, this has been the easiest pregnancy I have had so far, and it feels I will probably go full-term. That will be a new experience for me since both of my boys were born early.

One thing that I have been drawn to is belly casting. My husband and I finally took the time to cast my 36-week pregnant belly over the weekend. It was a wonderful project for us to do together and a fun way to memorialize my final pregnancy. I do not have anything else to do in the house to prep for baby– I went through my major nesting phase during the 2nd trimester. The 3rd trimester has been ALL work and spending as much time as I can with my other two kids individually.

Giving myself permission to slow down is sometimes difficult– however, my business projects have been timed appropriately to sit with my feet propped up in front of a computer.

It is so funny how I’ve had a different method of documenting my pregnancy with each child. My oldest had the most comprehensive (of course). I kept a pregnancy journal, a meticulous baby book (until age 5), photo albums and a baby box. The middle child had everything natural birth related– birthing center, hypnobirthing classes, regular prenatal massages and chiropractic adjustments, vision boards, affirmations and a box for all of the memorabilia.

The belly cast has been a fun project to spark creativity. In this 2-D age, it was nice to have a 3-D medium. It is also nice to pull out paints and create. This isn’t something I do often but is helping the week pass and takes my mind off of my physical discomfort and lessening mobility.

Mira has had a space in my blog, social media and a now a belly cast. I’ve done much less prep and a lot more mental relaxation. It is so weird how age, time, and experience changes the process. The sentiment remains the same. I treasure these moments and look forward to meeting our girl.


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Inner Strength

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One week ago today, I attended my first birth as a doula. ┬áThe experience was nothing short of amazing and a beautiful reminder of how humans can find strength when situations are tough. The word doula is derived from the Greek language and means “a woman who serves”. A doula’s role for a pregnant mama is to provide emotional, physical, and informational support. ┬áDuring my training, I really had no idea if I would truly follow the doula path, however I resonated with the definition of the profession and knew that I had to take the knowledge from the course and apply it to my everyday life.

I know in my own life, having support has been crucial when working toward life improvement. Just a few short years ago, I was at a place where I felt life was crumbling around me. In my previous post, I shared a glimpse of one of my personal struggles and the end of that era came when I made the choice to divorce my ex and remove myself from all addictive situations. It was a tough decision and at the time I felt weak and I did not know exactly how or what would be next in my life. The thing that got me through it was the tribe of support I had, and now I can look back and barely identify with the pain.

Sometimes when taking a step toward something you fear, the courage is not something that is mustered immediately. Courage often comes after the discomfort has subsided. We are strong and resilient creatures, and we hold a lot of power within to get through difficult situations. The struggle can be eased if we have someone we trust in our sphere to provide support, can advise on methods to help ease the discomfort, and help us remember what our desired outcome is. Some of the most valuable tools in my life have been people who have provided unconditional love and support. That is something I value and strive to provide for others, whether in a birthing situation or day-to-day life.