Warmth & Beeswax Candle Making

It is a cold, snowy Maine (holi)day. It is fun to be home as a family. All of us. Today I decided to make the day about warmth. Our downstairs temp is hard to regulate, so cooking and baking and other warm activities are on the list. I think a lot about being warm. I […]

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What is Simplicity Parenting?

I’ve been sharing a lot about the Simplicity Parenting model for reducing familial stress. I thought today I would share the basics. The Cliff’s Notes version. What I am sharing is based on the book by Kim John Payne, and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend borrowing it from your local library and […]

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Abuse Patterns: The Awakening

After my last post, I have been pondering how to share the steps of breaking the cycles of abuse. The first step is to recognize the abuse cycle. This is the step to empower yourself so that you can start to recognize the patterning and gain strength to make a change. We can’t make a […]

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