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Using Breath to De-stress

This week, I started a 21-day self-care challenge in my Facebook group. One of the challenges this week was to stop 3 times a day to take 5 deep breaths. Life begins with our first breath and ends at our last. Breathing is a fairly unconscious action. It is often taken for granted until our breathing is impaired.

Mind/body connection

Every system in our body relies on oxygen. Physically oxygen moves to our bloodstream via the lungs. Anxiety or stress causes a racing mind and breathing to be short, rapid, and shallow. Every thought is linked to a breath.

Thinking one thing while your body is doing another is an example of “dis-integration”. Meaning, not living in the present moment or in unity. An easy way to start living in the present is by improving the quality of your breathing.

Mindfully taking slow, steady, gentle, and deep breaths will calm and relax your mind, reduce tension and anxiety, and improve concentration. Breathwork is a way to control emotions and fears, the mind will be less agitated so we can work and communicate from balanced thoughts.

Long slow deep breaths fill the lower spaces of the lungs. Most of us only use 1/3 of our lung capacity, so as breath quality improves carbon dioxide and impurities will begin to detox.

Checking in with myself

My breath is how I check in on myself to check on my emotional state. I used to feel anxious and shaky nearly all of the time, so learning how much power is in the breath was a game-changer. I can release anxiety or emotional discord relatively quickly when I tune in to my breathing quality.

On days where I’m having difficulty slowing breath or my mind, I can add an essential oil or a mantra to my practice to find balance much quicker. I know we are living in stressful times and I want to share all that I know for staying calm.

Recently I started a new Facebook group, the intention is to create a positive community of support for moms. I will share tips to stay uplifted, find time for self-care, family balance, and more as the community evolves. Please feel free to send me a join request if this feels like something you would benefit from.

When the breath wanders, the mind also is unsteady‚ĶHatha Yoga Pradipika

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