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The Great Pause

Here I am writing from my little nook in St. Augustine. It’s noisy, the kids have pulled out all of their toys. I look at the clutter around me and sometimes I don’t feel a huge change in my day-to-day. Having Mira has really slowed my pace down and I already feel like I live a rather quiet life. I feel that familiarity until I want to go to the beach or run to a thrift store and can’t.

We have spent these few weeks trying to stay positive. We are adjusting and adapting to our current new reality. While staying focused on our goals and being gentle with ourselves. We have had to pull out all of our tools to stay positive as we have more confined time together and have to navigate the emotions that go with all of the world’s current uncertainty.

I know as a global collective, we are all adjusting to our new reality. People are working from home who are used to going to an office, people are laid off, people are worried about their health, their finances, having their children home for school, and the list goes on.

Finding ways to stay relaxed and calm helps me so much as a wife and mother. The calmer I am, the easier I can breathe– the easier the family life and rhythms fall into place.

I have found it a necessity to stay away from (majorly limit) social media and the news. The days I spend too much time on social media really disrupts my sleep. I see and feel everyone else’s emotions. Their fears, worries, and theories. I have enough of my own and seem to be able to feel it all intensely when I lay down to sleep at night. My mind will go to the worst-case-scenario mode and will keep me up for hours.

To find my calm, I need to be 100% present with whatever I’m doing. If I’m doing laundry, do laundry. If I’m with the kids, I actually play with the kids. The phone is put away, I get out of my head and enjoy the NOW for what it is.

The simplicity this quarantine is allowing my husband and I to connect to each other and our true value of living a simple life. A life with way less consumerism, way less waste, no need to hoard– the need is to be resourceful. It’s been kind of fun to plan ahead more and shop less.

For what it’s worth, embrace the chaos. Send yourself loads of love when you start feel your feelings. It’s okay to feel fear, it is okay to feel anger, just don’t let the fear or anger (or whatever it is you feel) define everything. Finding a sense of peace is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our families. I feel like where we are mentally and emotionally right NOW will mean so much on the other side of this crisis.

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