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Tips for Making Exercise Accessible and Enjoyable with Kids

Here it is February. You know the year will fly by. How many New Year’s Resolutions or Intentions are already misplaced or lost? Has the motivation waned?

My life certainly ebbs and flows. I have good spurts, and not so healthy spurts. Having Mira added another layer of crazy to our family as I’ve posted about before. Our sleep has changed, our work life has changed, my oldest is homeschooling, so I have had to do a lot of adjusting and adapting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise are always my “priorities”, however, they are sometimes the easiest to let go of when sometimes it feels as if every other piece of life is filled to the brim.

I am moving into my 9th month postpartum and historically this is when my life starts to balance out. The baby is mobile, she is sleeping better, and I feel more spaciousness. I remember this happening with my boys too. I think the change is because we are moving out of survival mode and adjusting to our new normal.

During this time, I have been able to find my love for physical activity. I truly like *certain* exercises (and if I don’t like it, I won’t sustain it) but I have a limited time in my day to get-it-done. I have decided that this season of my life isn’t for gym or studio classes. I have a wealth of knowledge, I have accessibility to gym equipment, my husband and I are yoga instructors, so I have the tools.

Making Time for Exercise

  1. Walk/Jog— This is my go-to exercise. For me this is the ultimate multi-tasking way to get my exercise in. I put my little kids in the stroller, strap them in, they get some sun and fresh air and I get my workout in. My oldest sometimes will go with me, so he gets time to chat/exercise too and we can end at the playground and let the kids burn off some of their steam. If the oldest isn’t with me, I can listen to a podcast or something inspirational to get personal development in my day. The only downside is weather. Luckily, I live in Florida so our weather is generally always manageable. If its cold, we just bundle up and go anyway.
  2. Yoga— I love yoga, it is always my default for strength, stability, calming, grounding– just about anything can be accessible in a yoga class. Self-motivation isn’t always my strong suit. So, how I am doing it now is by subscribing to Yoga International and doing a yoga class on my device. I have been using the time after I drop Ezra off at preschool to do a 30-45 minute class. At nap time or after the kids go to bed is also a good time. I like my YI subscription because I can set goals and pick what kind of classes I want to take. It is virtual accountability for me. Sometimes I will take a “live class” taught by my husband. He will run through a sequence with me and target certain areas of discomfort on. It is always nice to have him lead me through a class and provide adjustments if necessary.
  3. Family Hiking– One of our family New Year’s goals was to go outside and hike, enjoy nature one day of the weekend. We’ve been good over these several weeks taking family hikes. It’s great to go first thing in the morning after breakfast and spend a couple of hours outside. It gives us time to connect as a family, exercise, and the kids are exhausted after we get home so it promotes a very nice afternoon nap!

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