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A Season of Gratitude

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Those of us in America recently celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday. I have so much to be grateful for, and although the holiday is over, I want the feeling of gratitude to spill over into my everyday life. Keeping my mind on what I am grateful for helps ease any fears I have about my future or misgivings I have about my past. You see, gratitude is the opposite emotion of fear. Fear is something that can keep us stuck, spinning our wheels, staying victim to our circumstances, and can keep us from attaching to the good around us. Staying grateful can help us rise above any negativity, worry, or doubt.

As we are in the holiday season, our calendars are filled with Christmas activities. This is one of the things I am putting at the top of my gratitude list. Friends are extremely important. Moving to a new city really put this into perspective for me. January marks my 3rd year of being a Floridian, and only this year I have started feeling grounded in the social department. I moved from a place where I lived for 35 years, and the 6 degrees of separation felt very real. Everyone knew everyone. I am also incredibly grateful that even my work is social in nature, and I can help people and meet friends that become like family along the way. A tribe, so to speak.

Each day during this holiday season, I am going to wake up and note something that I have immense gratitude for. Today was one of the days I woke up and just took life for granted. I did not quite feel like fulfilling my obligations for the day. In an essence, taking my day for granted and not noting its incredible beauty, is being greedy. By focusing on what I have, and being grateful for it all keeps my mind away from the negative thoughts that tell me I am lacking. The feeling of lack, of not having or being enough is what creates the fear, anxiety, or whatever keeps you stuck. Making this a practice during this season may spill over into the New Year– creating a new positive habit and removing one that is often a stumbling block.


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