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Maintaining a Healthy Body Image During Pregnancy

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Body image is something I struggle with during pregnancy. Especially during the first and third trimesters. I am in the stage right now where I definitely look like I’ve packed on a few. However, not quite a baby. You know the stage where maternity clothes aren’t quite right but regular jeans are not comfortable?

This time around, it hit me rather hard. With our new dietary habits, I reached a weight I have not seen since my 20’s. I was feeling good about my body, and new pregnancy hormones swiftly added the bloat and emotions right on top of it!

Watching the numbers on the scale increase 5 lbs in just a few short weeks is always a bit perplexing. The scientific part of it is sensible and I’m very happy my body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. The psychological aspect can still trigger some negative self-talk.

My husband is such a wise champ. He always has words of wisdom to help me gain control of my hormonal rollercoaster. His advice was to enjoy every second of this pregnancy and to be grateful that my body knows what to do to support the growth of our daughter.

I write affirmations on sticky notes and place on my bathroom mirror. This is to remind me of the “truth” as I look in the mirror. I have also been finding some transitional wardrobe pieces that make me feel comfortable and look presentable and continuing to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine helps alleviate the negative self-talk I tend to do.

I may never be a photogenic pregnant woman who documents every week. I can be a pregnant woman comfortable in my skin as I stay present and enjoy these short few months of pregnancy.

I have complete confidence that my body is working as it should”.

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